"Praise to the Hand", the exhibition of works
May 26th - 30th, 2012

In the Art Workshop “Praise for the Hand”, for twelve years, people with Down Syndrome express their emotional world through artistic creativity. Authors and educators in the workshop, painters from Belgrade, are trying to stimulate the expression of their creativity and their inclusion in regular social trends in an interactive relationship with the participants of the Art Workshop. Building self-esteem and self-confidence are very important for improving the quality of their lives. Students through creativity develop their preserved capacities and supplement them with new skills and knowledge.

Since the founding of the Workshop in 2000, we have realized 18 sales exhibitions of their works in the country and abroad, and using the collected money, we traveled both in Serbia and abroad. Each trip, apart from the award for all students, presents a new experience in meeting with the unknown.

For these twelve years of existence, we have implemented over 20 projects, thanks to the support of individuals as well as socially responsible organizations, state, and city institutions and foreign embassies in our country.

“Praise to the hand” currently brings together 10 students of both genders aged 28 to 46, and they all mastered the technique of painting watercolors, pastel, acrylic, drawing with a Chinese ink and feather as well as clay molding, weaving on handlooms using a variety of materials , and they also mastered computer art and drawing, as well as making collages and mosaics.

Educators in the workshop, artists, Katarina Ljubinković Zorkić painter, and Bogdan Jovanović painter and graphic artist, as well as associates Goran Bogdanović psychologist and Petar Zorkić sociologist, for their efforts receive the award through participants creations: Nebojsa Brkić, Sladjana Filipović, Vladimir Rikanović, Sandra Pavlović, Mladjan Golubović, Marija Cikić, Dusan Cesarević, Nikola Jovanović, Zorica Dragicević, and Damjan Diklić.