Curating #08

Thursday, April 26th, 2012 at 19h

Topics (45’ every segment):

– Defining the term curator, through professional experience. Curatorial challenges in the work on the Container project, a fusion of art, science and technology, a state of art and culture in Croatia. Guest: Sunčica Ostoid, an independent curator, Bureau of Contemporary Art Practice KONTEJNER, Zagreb.

– I Workshop, based on the evaluation of the project Monument Ginger Society at the Tredi Belgrade Gallery. After the visit (12.04.2012) of the gallery and work in progress – the construction of gingerbread means, the participants were given the task of completing the Evaluation Table, which allowed them to rate the project in different segments.

– II The results of the selection of the participants of the exhibition project and forming the group.

Those who did not attend the previous editions of Curating and did not visit the exhibition are also welcome to participate in the program.

Curating is an educational program primarily intended for students of the final years of the Department of Art History, the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and the younger artists (and all interested younger creative people in the field of culture), designed as a preparation for the call of an independent curator and conceived as a support for a proactive approach in the search of appropriate occupation, development and realization of projects in the field of culture.

Authors of the Curating Project: Andrej Bereta and Srđan Tunid, curators – art historians