“I draw what is there!”

Cihihira Ito (Japan)
May 7th - 19th, 2012 > Opening on May 7th, at 19h

I am an artist of two-dimensional works, creating works on the theme of “When I express what is around us using lines.”

One day, I found camellias near my studio. I understood what they were.
But, when I stand very close to it, I cannot understand their forms.
It looked colorful but abstract.

Why I draw things around us using lines, there are some reasons.

I want to understand the materials through the drawing lines and touch them.

I think drawing using “lines” connects to the style of the traditional Oriental way, like what is done with a brush, Indian ink or “Ukiyoe”, Japanese historical art forms.

My passion is to create my art by using these forms as drawing pictures.

About flower
When I was a child, the hands of my mother guided me to walk. I remember it very well. She showed me planted flowers on the streets and gardens and said, “These means beautiful things”. When I went to see the painting in European churches and European museums in 2003, I was drawing and taking pictures of flowers and landscapes in many places. I noticed very different things between European flower and Japanese flower. I felt the flower is symbolic of positive energy for living. The flower combines the positive image of beauty and living for me.

About Vegetable
I visited the farm with my friend who is a chef of a restaurant in Kanagawa prefecture last December. In this farm, seeds of vegetables were grown in natural conditions. After harvesting the vegetables there, I brought them back home and began to paint while eating them. I started drawing with positive energy from these vegetables.