BLINK – Belgrade New Communications Festival at Belef

June 21st - 24th, 2012

Belef as a festival of modern art is fully focused on using modern technologies. Their use, but also the abuse in the modern gaming industry, is the theme of the Blink festival at Belef. The interest of the topic and a large number of video game fans allow me to know that we project that the number of visitors for these four days will surely number over 10,000 people.

It was noted that video games can change the brain of a person, but according to various studies, this change is often positive. During the four days festival, various topics and different aspects of this contemporary phenomenon and entertainment will be considered, which in some cases can also reach pathological frameworks. More and more studies conducted at universities show that gaming improves creativity, decision-making process, and perception. They are many specific benefits, from better hand-eye coordination in the surgeon to changes in the way that enhance night-ride ability.

Today’s average player has 34 years and plays for 12 years, often up to 18 hours a week. Through the organization of public debates, round table discussions, and lectures, the impact of gaming on the modern man will be determined. Almost every computer game seems to improve creativity in children, according to researchers from the University of Michigan, who worked on a project on children and technology.

A three-year study involving nearly 500 high school students, both sexes, revealed that children played computer games more, they had better grades in standard creativity tests, regardless of gender, race or type of game they played. Video games are changing our brains and habits, but they also carry a new form of addiction.

Two programs give us an answer to whether video game recovery is possible or is the only solution for pure abstinence. Researchers are yet to create educational software, which will be just as interesting as the action games. One of the conclusions that have been made is that all games that have positive effects on learning at the same time are violent.

Festival program Blink:
1. First day: “About gaming and their influence on the modern man”
2. Second day: “Gaming Tournament”
3. Third day: “Gaming – addiction or fun”
4. Fourth day: “Gaming developers”