Predrag Damjanović
August 14th - 21st > Opening on August 14th, at 19h

Death Proof…
… or what is it in our psychological reality that is still vivid and current? What is so important and valuable about our image of ourselves which, in spite of the paradox and irrationality of its content, makes us so reluctant to accept any kind of change?

The starting point of my work is contemporary media representation expressed through a moving image or a photograph. I use content and images which I find in the media of popular culture-movies, magazines, advertisements, or on the Internet and numerous social networks.

Photographs, or frozen frames of motion pictures, serve to me as an inspiration to present my point of view in the form of drawings. Directly and deliberately, but more often intuitively, I read out photographic and printed material and translate it into a drawing. Contents of these works usually represent the local views and concerns, but very often they are also concerned with social and current affairs that avoid being seen or are at the subliminal level. Of course, contents include my subjective personal views and projections.

To achieve better and more direct communication with the public, my project involves largescale drawings in public spaces. I have chosen the wall drawing as a form of public expression to communicate with the people about all the sub-texts that are intertwined with contemporary media representations.

I wish to explore how, and to what extent, it is possible to recontextualize one reading of photography and film, or a recognizable genre. Is it possible to create a new reading of the existing images, which would raise questions or actualize new content by the use of citation and intertextuality? This approach alone questions the phenomenon of a remake. Image of reference takes on a new conceptual and media frame by mimicking what is already known. A new image is reshaped, stylistically as well as substantively, and thus significantly different from the image of reference and its context.

This project aims to present local phenomena, contemporary myths, specific prejudices or values, characteristic cultural and historical layers, or typical stereotypes inherent to a contemporary human, in the form of the wall drawings (public work).

Autor: Predrag Damjanović
Born 30th of October 1975.
Finished the postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade in 2010, Department of Paintings
Member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artist of Serbia)
Achieved the status of the independent artist
Phone No: +38164/270-2902
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