SKC Gallery Novi Beograd
The competition lasts until November 12th, 2012

Rules of participation:

1. The competition is open to all artists from the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Montenegro, the Republic of Srpska and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. The competition is open to artists and students of the final year of art faculties of the mentioned republics. Participation is free.

3. Participants compete with one graphic on the topic “IMPRESSIONS”.

4. All presented works must be realized as prints printed on paper not larger than 707x1000mm (format – B1).

5. Authors submit graphic sheets personally or by mail (at their own expense). The works rejected at the competition, for artists from the territory of Belgrade, shall be returned within 10 days from the date of the results announcement of the jury. The works of the authors outside of Belgrade will be returned at the expense of the competition sponsor within 3 months. Works selected for the exhibition remain the property of the competition sponsors, and the Gallery SKC Novi Beograd will organize (by invitation) to the contestants of 10 solo exhibitions in 2013.

6. Only the original graphic sheets, created and printed in the last 2 years, are accepted at the contest. Drawings, sketches, and photocopies shall not be accepted. All graphics techniques will be equally accepted and evaluated.

7. JURIES (three members):

–art historian and art critic, LjILJANA ĆINKUL, art director, editor and curator of the Graphic Collective Gallery in Belgrade
– master of graphics and free artist, RANKA LUČIĆ JANKOVIĆ
– Master of Graphic Arts, BRANIMIR KARANOVIĆ, full professor at FPU (Faculty of Applied Arts) in Belgrade

8. The jury will award prizes in two categories:

for the best graphic artist:

I prize is of 800 euros
II prize is 700 euros
III prize is 600 euros

for the best graphics student:

I prize is 500 euros
II prize is 400 euros
III prize is 300 euros (in RSD equivalent)
Prizes will be awarded by donors.

9. The organizer will print a color catalog, with reproductions of the displayed graphics. The catalog will grant to all participants of the exhibition.
The exhibition will be opened by the end of November at the Gallery SKC Novi Beograd, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 152a, Novi Beograd.

10. All emails that are sent by November 12th, 2012 will be accepted for the jury.
Mails should be sent to the address: High School of Tourism, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 152a, Novi Beograd, with a note „V I EX-YU“ on an envelope. Notification of the selection date and the exhibition opening, as well as any additional information, will be posted on the sites:,,,;

author of the competition, Nataša Brkić, academic painter
organizers of the competition, Nataša Brkić, and Mr. Uroš Skakun

contact: 064 190 3887, 2609 527;