Dear Ivo

Performance: Andrićev Venac, 12:00h-17:00h
The project presentation: O3ONE Gallery, 19:30h
Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

He will never write? Does it not exist? And what was it that awakened me, made me rise to this window? And what, finally, do we know what exists and what not? Well, he can not and can not write. Never. But if her letter was to be published tomorrow, with messages …

Ivo Andrić,

On the 120th anniversary of the birth of one of the most important writers from our region and the only winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1961), Ivo Andrić, performance by artist Snežana Golubović, in the place where the footsteps of the Andrić witch are still felt and heard, writes a famous writer and invites Belgrade citizens, visitors to the city, friends, famous and unknown, random and deliberate passers to join and write a sentence or two – “a letter, with messages …” for Andrić, with love and respect …