Zoran Velimanović
October 15th - 27th, 2012 > Opening on October 15th, at 19h

“…Bones, skin, hair, feathers, metal, fabric, plants, insects, roots, dirt … All that was once discarded and left to decay… Cemeteries of nature or human activities … What was no longer needed by anyone, again has a meaning; joined as it never was, or never could have been joined, now has a new opportunity. Androgynous masses made of decomposed remains reshuffled organs and added limbs… anatomy as a symbiosis of everything that existed… Hanks of unneeded things, very much alive… Collection – junkyard, where the remains of the former lives are stored; lying next to each other, with time they gather and connect, merge into new forms, improved versions of what they used to be individually. Anyway, everything is a combination of everything, sooner or later; disintegrated tissue made the ground on which we walk. The bones are, in fact, the ground beneath your feet … ”

Zoran Velimanović, for the exhibition “The Bone Collection” Gallery O3ONE, Belgrade 15.10.2012.

Since the end of the 1990s, many of Zoran Velimanović’s major works have featured structures involving metal, bones, wood, skin, hair, and resin, but also living organisms; their use originates from artist’s fascination by organic remains. Velimanović’s art practice has led to him gaining a reputation as an art scene’s grotesque critique of contemporary globalized society. Frequently morbidly fascinating, Velimanović seeks to highlight the incongruous nature of the world and degenerate relations within it. His art confronts and disparages different social constructs that restrain, impede, infringe and even annihilate individuality. Substituting animals for people and combining human and animal bodies to get his point across, Velimanović deals with issues such as human downfall, weakness, and disgrace, hypocrisy, disgust, pain, fear, and death.

Zoran Velimanović is an artist based in Düsseldorf (Germany).


2012 – October, Exhibition in Monographic Museum in Setubal (Portugal).
2012 – October, Exhibition in O3ONE Gallery in Belgrade (Serbia).
2007 – September, Exhibition in O3ONE Gallery in Belgrade (Serbia).
2005 – October, Exhibition in Consulate General of Serbia in Milan (Italy).
2005 – September, Exhibition in Gallery 24 in Berlin (Germany).
2004 – December, Exhibition in Galerie Ferrero, Nice (France).
2003 – October, Exhibition in Otéro Gallery in St. Paul de Vance (France).
2003 – October, Exhibition in 7th International Biennial of Miniature Art in Gornji Milanovac (Serbia).
2003 – September, Exhibition in Gallery 24 in Berlin (Germany).
2003 – September, Exhibition in Mercurio Contemporary Art Gallery in Viareggio (Italy).
2003 – July, Exhibition in St. Zeno Abbey in Pisa (Italy).
2001 – January, Exhibition in Edificio Sabadell in Marbella (Spain).
2000 – June, Exhibition in La Fondation du Château de Gruyéres – Centre international de l’Art Fantastique in Gruyéres, Fribourg (Switzerland).
1998 – 1999 – December – April, Exhibition in La Galerie des Antiquaires – ART’7 in Nice (France).
1998 – October, 5th International Biennial of Miniature Arts in Gornji Milanovac (Serbia).
1998 – October, Exhibition in EURO-ART 98 in Barcelona (Spain).
1998 – March, Exhibition in ART EXPO in Budapest (Hungary).
1997 – October, Exhibition ”Figuration of Irrationalism…“ in ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia) Gallery in Belgrade (Serbia).
1997 – April, Performance ”Cold Night Before Great Events“ in Astakos Studio in Belgrade (Serbia).