Dušan Vrga
December 3rd - 15th, 2012 > Opening on December 3rd, at 19h

In this exhibition, I am presenting my new works with expanded media.

Present works with abstract and semi-abstract compositions derived from snapshots of very ordinary pseudo-architectural motifs, such as the empty piled boxes of vegetables on the street (Madrid).

Using photography as a starting point, I develop a visual language using textures with bold colors cut by the dark forms. Layers of very thin paint in combination with graphical images on the surface, shape the approach to a figurative image.

The contemplation of my works is changing with renewed energy, opening themselves to the viewer as a kind of visual sublime experience. However, at the same time, I want my works to be reduced and direct in their parameters. Choosing simple topics, I want to move the level of abstraction from his photographic source to its furthest point(to the endpoint).

Rich layered these works suggest different chromatic and textural trends and their mutual interaction. By combining the process of surprise and discovery, this exhibition wants to convey multilayered illusions that play with our senses.

The canvas was used as the painting’s base, but this is a process that uses several different techniques, from classical to contemporary technologies. After building up color through layers of silkscreen, I expose these underlying support material through a process of covering with line and form.

Through these expressive gestures, kaleidoscopic patterns emerge, associated with the graphics design and evoking different styles.

Themes in these works often have a kind of mysterious weight. Sometimes very dense textures offer a variety of aspects, color, composition, structure, related connections with other artistic works and design tradition, which can be explored one at a time before they begín to function as the completely layered experience. The vision created by investigation of the color chart on the surface is alarming and ecstatic at the same time in a manner that is at the heart of Baroque sensibility.

With the introduction of sound in this exhibition, I want to use potential energy that encourages the viewer to navigate open space while still engaging in a closer relationship with exhibited works. Something like a new temporal perception of the space. Just as the visual arts may be a kind of notation of another connected reality, precise relationship to that reality and sound is an involved question I am experimenting with.

Each work is a compound of power and energy simultaneously. The sound, much like the paintings, documents my bodily engagement with the work in the studio.

With these works I want to present paintings as dazzling displays that echoes with resonant color range, fulfilling the concept of this exhibition with the energy of sound.

Dusan Vrga (1962, Belgrade)

Lives in Madrid.

Project od Ph.D. thesis. University Complutense, Madrid.
Faculty of Fine Arts and Master in painting and art printing techniques, University of Belgrade.
School of Industrial Design, Belgrade.

Correspondent for O Art Television, Paris.
Member of Artists Association of Serbia (ULUS) and International Association

23 one-man shows and 52 group exhibitions ( Spain, Japan, Thailand, Belgium, Taiwan, Andora, France, Italy, Portugal, and Serbia).

Collections, Prices, and Grants:
Foundation Pollock-Krasner Inc. New York.
Polytechnic University. Madrid.
Cité des Artes, Paris.
Internacional Art Print Triennial. Kochi, Japan.
National exhibition of fine arts, Valdepeñas, Spain.
The foreign office of Spain.
October prize of the city of Belgrade.