Petra Ciuhe
November 1st - 5th, 2012

In Slovenia, November 1st is the day of the dead – dead remembrance day.

In Belgrade’s O3ONE Gallery, the dark November days will light up the inner light of graphics by Peter Ciuhe from Ljubljana on November 5th with the theme of “Funny Love” and thus link death, life, and love.

The graphics were created based on sketches from the sketching sheets painted in the Photoshop program in many different ways, printed on thin textiles and illuminated by blue, green and red LEDs that change colors.

They have a thematic connection with the relationship between the closest and the most desirable and the human search for love. This is probably the greatest life journey and the author has searched for pictures that mark his path.

From the desire and the craving for an unattainable ideal or person, which is close but still unachievable, the first kiss, which can mean something more, couple that enters into a common life adventure, life companions and children (this includes moments of making children).

This road is the most beautiful, and the most difficult. Milan Kundera writes that “love is everything, but not funny”. The attempts to make up the most important and the most serious of something cheerful and full of vivid colors (which means changing emotions) presents the works at this exhibition. You can easily find characters in Kundera’s “Funny Love” paintings, and also in your life.

The opening of the exhibition will be followed by the author’s concert on the digital piano, which will be designed with the program “visualization of music”. Music will be created live by its method of connecting the harmony of tones and colors, which unites the exploration of the nature in music and color that begins with Pitagor and Newton. Each music is marked with color-coded piano keys, which enable the creation of musical harmony.

The audience will also be invited to participate in this creative experiment. Peter Ciuha is a painter, pedagogue and habilitated graphic professor from Ljubljana, with international awards for his fractal computer graphics and installations. Works in the field of animation.
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