Nikola Macura
December 17th - 29th, 2012 > Opening on December 17th, at 19h

NASLOVNAMy interests in the sculpture are primarily focused on the relationship between sculpture and observer, and the communication that takes place at that level, with the idea of incorporating sculpture into other fields of artistic expression. I am interested in the position that the sculpture provides in the fluency of contemporary artistic (visual) communications by observing its boundary fields as the potential that it offers.

Research of sculpture is relying on personal interests and attitudes towards the environment that is reflected in a series of works that I carried out in the past period under the title “Interactive Sculpture”.

The work “Interactive Sculpture” consists of five segments set in mutual relation. They are made from one another, intertwine and complement each other. Each of the continents is set concerning the environment as an element of communication, the requisite of the artistic action that I carry out.

The goal is to place objects in the appropriate space by encouraging communication, by drawing on the observer, where it becomes part of the work.