Magazine STATUS awards ceremony

January 14th - 27th, 2013


Magazine STATUS will, as in previous years, grant award prizes for photographs made in 2012 on Wednesday 16th of January, at 20:05 in the Belgrade O3ONE Gallery (Andrićev Venac 12). First three places are Marija Janković, Nemanja Pančić (Kurir, Kamerades), and Andrej Isaković (Blic).

“People with Open Eyes”, made by the setting of 40 best photos in 2012, as well as the selection of the best photos from previous years, will be set two days earlier (14 January), and its solemn opening will be held during the awards ceremony, January 16th. Visitors will be able to visit the exhibition for the next two weeks, that is, until January 27th, 2013, and during the course, there will be several tribunes related to professional media photography.

Also, the STATUS magazine will award the best journalist award for 2012 – Suzana Trninić B92 journalists.