A Bird's-Eye View
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The little bird finished her life at birth. The bird was rejected as an unsuccessful logo solution but later resurrected in the form of a comic book on an internet blog since mid-2011. The audience that reads the comic is slightly increased because the comic book originated as an author’s project without any major intentions. Also, specific humor is another reason why this comic has a small, selected audience.

Life is drastically accelerated, we are covered with media mainly by ugly pictures as if nobody deals with the good news that motivates and enriches the spirit. The world is full of nonsense and absurdity, so it defies logic by its very existence, and then everything becomes black humor and mockery. Such a bad environment leaves frustration, trauma, and tension as the ideal basis for creating psychological problems. Such a world is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, so sometimes situations and conversations from real life are only translated into a comic almost without any changes. The BRD strip is a witty display of the ego manic behavior and psychic decay of a small bird.

The place from which the BRD observes the world and reacts to it is high above all, and it is the only place from where it is possible to see the essence. It’s a bird’s eye view.

About the author:
Dušan Vojnov was born in 1980.
He graduated in Graphic Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Applied Arts in Belgrade.
He works as an art director at Orange studio in Belgrade. In addition to design, he is engaged in illustration and comics.