Curating #22

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013, at 20h

Conversation (70’): 

Discussion about modern curator approach in the institution and experience of practice in a collection of artworks, culture management, necessary curator skills, experiences from the independent sector.

Guest: Višnja Kisić,
Curator: art historian.

Introducing (25′): 

Planned Curating activities, season #03 (January- July 2013)

Public Invitation announcement for participation in the exhibition project.

Curating is an educational and research program designed primarily for students finishing years and postgraduates of art faculties (history of art, Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, architecture, drama art etc) and professionals in the field of arts and culture (curators, artists, managers, and cultural entrepreneur), designed to prepare for the call of a independent curator and conceived as a support for a proactive approach in seeking right occupation, development and realization of projects in the field of culture.
Project authors: Andrej Bereta and Srđan Tunić, curators and art historians.

– kustosiranje@gmail.com