Presenting a collection of stories “LONG SHADOWS SIX POPLARS”

Goran Malić
Thursday, January 31st, at 20:00h, Small Hall of Culture Center Studentski grad > Participants: Vesna Danilović, Darko Ćirić, and Goran Malić

malic-portret72(01-27-12-28-07)Goran Malić, an art and photo historian, writes prose, which he published in magazines. He was born in 1947, Belgarde. He studied sociology and the history of art. He has received numerous awards, among which are four annual awards of ULUPUDS for an exceptional art activity and the award “Dr. Pavle Vasić” for the theoretical contribution to the applied arts in Serbia. He is the author of several solo photography exhibitions and many studios and curatorial projects, problematic or monograph-biographical, and Serbian photograph history of the 19th and 20th centuries. He is the author of television shows and short TV films. He published texts on fine arts and photography in the Eye, NIN, Art Life, Teatrona, Politics, Refoto… He is a member of ULUPUDS and Association of Journalists of Serbia.

“LONG SHADOWS SIX POPLARS” is Malić’s first prose book, which in one place gathers his previously published stories, which he wrote between 1999 and 2009. However, this procedure does not in any way diminish the unity of these stories. On the contrary, you have the impression that you are reading a novel because the same characters move from one story to another, all of which take place in the Senjak, Belgrade settlement. Book is written in an old fashioned way, slow narration and selected, but forgotten, language, ten stories of old Belgrade, photographic depictions of paintings full of light and shadows that Malić, as a theorist of photography, can easily notice and successfully describe.

Tamara Mitrović
editor of the literacy program
Cultural Center Studentski grad