Protection of digital data and information

January 24th, at 18h

We invite you to attend the discussion on the protection of digital data and information, which will be led by Dejan Petkov, technical director of Singi Inženjering, on January 24th, at 18h. The Grandstand will be held as part of the exhibition of photographs of the magazine STATUS – “People with open eyes”, which was posted in the O3ONE Gallery.

“An increasing number of things that are important to us in everyday life and business exists only in digital form. In the digital form, we keep important documents, photos, money, contacts, entertainment, memories… Most people are so accustomed to the convenience of the digital environment, that they can not even imagine that all of this could disappear one day. And it’s not impossible at all”, Petkov reminds us.

How to digitally protect all that is valuable to us, you will hear from our most important experts in this field.