Feeling Japan

Authorship of Tamara and Marko Vukša
April 9th - 20th, 2013


“Feeling Japan” was not the theme of the exhibition. For years, artists are researching spirituality, purification, simplicity of the East in their work, media and spheres of interest. This is how this exhibition was created, which is a small homage to Japan, dedicated to our Japanese friends.


Born in Belgarde, 1971. In 1990 she finished the School for Industrial Design in Belgarde. She is a member of ULUPUDS and independent artist since 1997. She performed 5 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 60 group exhibitions. She won several awards in the field of visual arts and fashion design.

Born in Slavonski Brod, 1979. In 2005 she graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, a painting department, in the class of professor Milan Blanuša. She exhibited independently and in group exhibitions in the country and abroad (Japan, Hungary). She won several awards for painting.

She finished elementary and master studies in painting at FLU, Belgrade, and MA in SUNY Albany, New York, USA. She exhibited independently in Belgrade, Albany, New York, and Yerevan. Group exhibitions in the countries of the region, Belgium, USA, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan.

Born in 1960. He is a member of ULUS and ULUPUDS with the status of the independent artist since 1997. He has been active since 1988 on solo and group exhibitions (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany). She lives and works in Belgrade, deals with graphics, drawings, ceramics, small plastics.  He is the winner of several awards for ceramics.

She graduated in 2002 at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgarde. She is a member of ULUS and ULUPUDSA, with the status of the independent artist. She exhibited independently for 13 times (Serbia, Montenegro, Japan, Izrael) and at over 120 group exhibitions (Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Albania, Japan, USA). She is a winner of several awards in the field of visual arts.

He graduated in 2001 at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He is a member of ULUS and ULUPUDS, as an independent artist. He exhibited independently fro 13 times (Serbia, Japan, Izrael) and group exhibitions (Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Romania, Albania, Spain, France, Austria, USA, China, Germany, Japan). He presented 9 sculptures in public space (Serbia, China). He is a winner of 8 awards and recognitions for sculpture (Serbia, France).

She gains a master degree at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgarde, 2002. She completed the Specialist Studies 2001/2002 at the Institute of Ceramics and Design, Tajama, Japan. She is an independent artist since 1998. Since 2011 she became a member of ULUPUDS since 1999 and IAC-AIC International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva. She exhibited independently in Serbia and Japan and at group exhibitions (Serbia, Italy, Spain, Australia, Croatia, Slovenia, USA). She is a winner of 22 awards in the field of visual arts (Serbia, Croatia, Japan, and the USA).

Nebojša Babić was born in 1968, Belgarde.  He is a member of Ulupuds/president of the photo arts section (1997), USUF and Ppof-E (2004), the Committee for Culture and Olympic Education of the Olympic Committee of Serbia and the Serbian Association of Managers since 2008. In 1998 he founded “Orange Studio”, a creative studio for applied photography and visual communications. In 2004, he founded O3ONE, a multimedia art project, the first of its kind in the country.