May 21st, 2013


Armoniapolis is a web application by sound artist Svetlana Maraš. It’s a musical concept that attains conscious listening to sound in our environment and interacting with it without the use of technology.

Armoniapolis is a collection of short textual instructions from various parts of the world that visitors to this site are creating. Users are invited to listen to the soundscape that surrounds them, re-compose it by combining sounds and modifying them as they please, and then describe it in words. Their descriptions will serve as an instruction that others can carry out in their interpretation. Each participant in Armoniapolis can be a composer and performer.

Participants in this creative project are Juho Jouhtimaki (Finland) and Mina Arko (Slovenia), and the realization of the project was supported by the Telenor Foundation and the Ring Ring Association.

The promotion of this project will be held at the O3ONE Gallery, on Tuesday, May 21st at 19h, when each of the participants will be able to test how the application and the designed project work.