Writer in the shop window

Night of Museums
May 18th, 2013


This is a story about the whale that was caught on January 20th, 1953, in a bay on the island of Pag. The fight with the whale lasted about three hours, and over one hundred people took part in it. The whale then “traveled” through Yugoslavia -started from Rijeka, through Ljubljana and Zagreb, to Belgrade and Novi Sad. It was an incredible attraction. It was seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Memory on the whale is part of the collective memory of several generations. The whale became a kind of metaphor of one time. Eric Kos used it as a motif for the novel “The Great Man” published in 1956.

“Writer in the shop window” is a project that will be performed by Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir on May 18th for the Night of Museums by writing and writing the story “Whale in Belgrade”.