Belgrade Streets

Andy Townend
May 7th - 15th, 2013

From the 7th till the 15th of May, an exhibition of photographs of Andy Townend will be held under the title “Belgradestreets”. The opening ceremony of the exhibition is on Tuesday, May 7th, at 19h.
Ever since September 2011, Andy records the life and soul of Belgrade through a series of photos published on his blog- He likes to record places, people, moments and capture the influence of a certain time or emotions.


His blog,, is a place where he gathers his lifelong passion for photography, writing, and communication.
Since September 2011, Andy Townend has been capturing the life and soul of Belgrade through a series of photographs posted to his blog,

Andy loves to capture places, people, moments and record the impact of a particular time or emotion.

His blog is the place where he brings together his lifelong passion for photography, writing, and communication. It’s attracted viewers from over 100 countries across the world and has a regular following of 1,200 readers.

Andy has been living and working here in Belgrade, as a Consultant, since February 2011 and, as he explores Belgrade streets, he learned much about this amazing city, the people who live and work here, about himself, and life.

When he set out on this journey Andy’s original goal was to capture belgradestreets with a series of weekly photographs, street by street.

Soon enough, belgradestreets took on a life of its own and his photographs and words became a journal, a place where he shares his thoughts and feelings as he explores our city, getting to know its people and what they mean to him.

belgradestreets hold the spirit of the city and its fascinating and diverse people.

A city not yet overrun by global culture and repetitive brands.

A city is full of life, determination, memories, and hope for the future.

belgradestreets, however rundown in places, overflow with life, color, history, and character.

Those who live and work on belgradestreets throw their arms open, with enthusiasm, welcoming visitors into their embrace.

Belgraders have seen hard times and yet in spite of this, possibly as a result of this, take life as it comes, devoting much of their time to their passion for life.

Belgrade is a city that has been through so much its people cannot remain reserved, living life behind closed doors, instead, life spills onto the streets.

It has been said that Andy’s work on belgradestreets is held together by the same contradictory emotions that bind Belgrade, and its people, together as a city, that there is a deep melancholy to some of his images but even at their most intense they evoke the humor and light of this great city.

Through his blog and book Andy is sharing his passion for this great city and its people through his heart, his soul…through his eye.

A selection of his photographs has recently been published in a book “belgradestreets” which is now available in bookstores throughout Belgrade and online from Amazon.