June 18th - 28th, 2013


Our plan is aimed towards people in need, and in order to be successful, we have to satisfy the needs of the users; therefore, instead of trying to fit users in this case, families of children with disabilities into inflexible patterns of service and employment, services and employment must be based so as to respond to the actual needs and capabilities of the users.

We believe that the creative industry and sustainable design, ideal for linking with social entrepreneurship, is flexible, based on creativity, and of course there is profitability, that is, self-sustainability, and it is possible to solve the financial and psychological crisis in which most families of children with disabilities are located, thus positively determining the problem of other target groups and persons in need.

COLLECTIVE for/MISCELLANEOUS is a company that is oriented towards the employment of parents/guardians (primarily mothers) of children with disabilities, and at the same time provides space and professional staff for living, nursing and non-formal education of children with disabilities. Excess values are reinvested in disability assistance funds, design development and production of aids, and further encouraging pro-active actions and mutual assistance.

COLLECTIVE for/MISCELLANEOUS is a company that deals with the production and distribution of modern designs and quality production. In addition to its comprehensive functionality and authentic aesthetics, the products are distinguished by the production of recycled and/or biodegradable traditional materials applied innovatively.

VISION: our vision is the world in which children are given the opportunity to grow up in a safe and caring family, whereas a basic requirement of security is the employment of parents/guardians, and room for children’s living and staff who understand, respect and meet the needs of children and it encourages their maximum progress, allowing the necessary breakthrough to the family.

MISSION: a social enterprise as a proactive project involving families of children with disabilities in a way that directly addresses the issues of parent/guardian care and childcare, and, on the other hand, their active involvement in society and the community, acquaints the public and promotes equality.

THE PURPOSE: we consider that every human being should be given the chance to create and achieve through work, thus gaining his security and self-esteem and ensuring the safety of those who depend on him. We consider that the solution to the problem lies not only in providing social assistance but also in the formulation of projects and suitable jobs and spaces that meet the specific needs and situations in which families of children with disabilities live.

We are aware that our vision is ambitious. We understand that it is impossible to solve all problems, but we think that we should move towards solutions, set up good frameworks and work continuously, examine problems, formulate plans and strategies, and of course act in cooperation with state institutions, with other associations and similar initiatives at national and at the international level, with the aim of better implementation of the basic idea: social inclusion and assistance through proactive action and the development of the creative industry. The implementation of this plan goes in two directions: practically strategic, both through campaigning and advocating ideas, such as this exhibition.