History of telecommunications security – from smoke signals to the Internet

European Month of Cyber Security in Serbia/exhibition author: Lazar Bošković / illustration author: Vladimir Veljašević
October 21st and 22nd, 2013

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The EU Agency for Network and Data Security (ENISA) is implementing the second European Cyber Security Campaign in October. Serbia also joins ENISA through the National Internet Domain Register of Serbia (RNIDS). The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) campaign aims to promote cybersecurity among citizens to change their attitude towards cyber threats and to provide them with the latest information through education and exchange of good practice. RNIDS within the ECSM campaign organizes two events at the O3ONE Gallery in Belgrade, an exhibition and panel discussion, that is open to all visitors.

The exhibition “History of Telecommunication Security – From Smoke Signals to the Internet” opens on October 21st at 19:00, which is a fun way of presenting the development of distance communications.

The exhibition was created with cooperation between RNIDS and “Diplo foundation”, Lazar Bošković exhibition author, Vladimir Veljašević illustration author, and Orange studio (exhibition design). From prehistory to this day, it has always been important to preserve the confidentiality of communication, the unchangeability of the message and the availability of the transmission. All that once was important for smoke signals, mail pigeons, telegraphs, telephones, radio, and television, is even more important today and more complex for the Internet in the modern wireless network. From the cloud communication that everyone can see to the neighbor’s wireless internet connection that everyone would like to use, the issue of security was a matter of the level of knowledge and respect for the rules.

On October 22, 12:00-15.00, a panel discussion “Cyber Security of Cyber Serbia” will be held, featuring domestic experts from all areas of importance for Internet security.

The panel moderator is Žarko Ptiček, a lawyer dedicated to IT law and a member of the RNIDS Statutory Commission. Panel participants: Žarko Kecić, executive Director RNIDS for IKT services; Luka Gerzić, a specialist in IT security from “Gerzic & Associates” company; Milan Nikolić, Director of Corporate Security “Telenor Serbia”; Vladimir Marinkov, lawyer specializing in cybercrime from “Guberina – Marinkov” office and Miloš Rančić, system administrator from socio-technological center “Hacklab”.

Among the topics is the importance of the DNS system, which forms the basis of communication on the Internet, and possible problems caused by security flaws in this system. In addition to the concern about defending websites from hacking attacks, cybersecurity has a much wider field of operation in companies, primarily in protecting the entire ICT infrastructure, protecting against industrial espionage, and managing risks and incidents. High-tech crime is increasingly becoming a daily threat in the modern way of life of ordinary citizens.

RNIDS is an organization of key importance for the stability and development of the DNS system in Serbia, through its entire activity it is dedicated to the preservation of security in the domestic Internet space, in particular to the education of users of the national internet domains (.RS and .SRB). The educational-promotional campaign “Register as soon as you think” is about the importance of internet domains in everyday life.

ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) – www.enisa.europa.eu
ECSM (European Cyber Security Month) – www.cybersecuritymonth.eu
Domestic domain – www.domen.rs