Magic of glowing neon dot

Voja Antonić
September 2nd - 9th > Opening on September 2nd, at 19h


There are things we do not think about until we meet with them. One of these is Conway’s “Game of Life”. The first time I heard about it from Voja Antonić while he showed me and explained the principle of how his light spells work. 43 years ago, John Horton Conway developed an algorithm that could simulate a kind of life. The basic rules of maintaining such a virtual life as if they were taken from evolution. To survive, you need to be no less than two living individuals in your surroundings. (It is perfect to be two or three neighbors.) If the number of living neighbors is more than three, there will soon be no life due to overpopulation. And if the dead can come to life they will enable three independent lives. (This is called reproduction.) Only this last rule refuses to obey the laws of evolution, although it suggests a general connection between life and death.

What provokes staring at the magic light figures moving on the plate of Voja Antonić could best be explained by meditations that are equally oriented inward and outward. The explanation of the endless number of combinations and the practical unrepeatability of the same image is extremely abstract as long as the shapes and movements on the board do not begin to hypnotize you. Mantras, which we know from religions and meditations, are suddenly visualized. What we will put into them depends only on ourselves, to the willingness to accept the infinity of the process of virtual life and our transience is something natural. Although, we are also changing. We can never be sure that we will accept (embrace) a certain work of art or personal confession at a certain moment. We are susceptible to an emotional algorithm in a similar way to the Game of Life.

Voja Antonić strives to free his creations from any kind of artistic or philosophical mystification. According to him, the Game of Life is just a game. It is undoubtedly a game in which he enjoys the same as he enjoys in his constructive work. Inside Voje Antonić constructor are at least two other persons: Voja Antonić Educator and Voja Antonić Manipulator. When this coincides with the metaphysical and theological dimensions of the project, then the judgment is quite finite.

We live in dark times when larpurlartism has been proclaimed as suspicious work and the use of digital skills for non-commercial purposes for some kind of dark skills. Perhaps in this last, there are certain truths because programming and digitalization are increasingly perceived as the alchemy of the new century. The path to the stone of wisdom no longer leads through transmutation but algorithms and electronics. Voja Antonić is our Paracelzus! It would be wise to hear sometimes what he tells us or shows us.

– Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir

Voja Antonić
LED ART – Magic of glowing neon dot

I was born in 1952, Šabac. I live in Belgrade since the age of six.

Digitalnom elektronikom se bavim od osnovne škole, kada je ta nauka malo kome bila zanimljiva. Posle neuspešnih pokušaja da se upišem u srednju elektrotehničku školu, a kasnije i na elektrotehnički fakultet, informatikom se bavim kao slobodni konstruktor.

Since the mid-1970s I’ve been designing and making my microcomputers, video systems for computer animation and many commercial projects. In 1983 I donated the DIY project, the first domestic microcomputer “Galaxy” to the Yugoslav enthusiasts. Thanks to local professional journals, I put into the public domain more than 50 projects in the field of digital electronics.

Since 2000, I have been the initiator of the opposition to all mystics, black and white mages, prophets, astrologers, supremacists, and other fraudsters. I published two books on this subject, “Da li postoje stvari koje ne postoje” and “Kremansko neproročansvo” (both are available at and
In addition to constructive work, I am studying and publishing texts on the structural and functional aesthetics of digital systems. I created a smaller number of projects in the field of digital electronic devices for interior design and lighting.

I have never participated in exhibitions and I have not been awarded. I have no registered patents. I have never been a member of art associations, political parties, or any other artistic groups in the field of art. I never act as an artist, but as a curious man. None of the exhibits has been made on order, from material gain or with the desire to offer them to the market. The only purpose of the effort invested in each exhibited exhibit is personal satisfaction.