Planet 3+1+2

Nataša Šarić
October 24th, 2013

pozivnica konacno

Nataša Šarić’s ties are a unique phenomenon. They are more complex because the author worked on research and experimentation, and the artistic side of the necktie is displayed in a different light, but it does not lose its accuracy. Ties are three-dimensional, stylized with a geometric manners frame, combined with a variety of materials that arouses creative interaction. The symbolic level conveys the vision of endless virtual reality, of mind and intelligence, at the same time dealing with the phenomenon of the tie through the geometric framework, architecture and organic elements in the perception of space. The very act of binding the knot symbolically reveals an irrational process, procedures, a sign of virtue, discipline. All this makes this object complementary. Nataša Saric dedicated her study of the tie and her symbolism in her way leaving an author’s seal.

“Planet 312” is the name of the newest sophisticated game