Wondrous comics

Aleksa Gajić
October 4th - 20th, 2013

Alexa Gajic cover

Aleksa Gajić is one of the most prominent Serbian comics artists of the younger generation, at the same time he is related to comics and animations, in the last couple of years he created unusual and new forms. The exhibition Wondrous comics by Aleksa Gajić  is focused on creativity that does not belong to his most famous works – comics created for the French comic market (for example the Scourge of God), illustrations for Politikin Zabavnik or Technotise (animated film and comic book), but intimate and experimental forms of comics, which Gajić calls therapeutic freestyle comics. Traditionally, the comic was founded as a visual narration system, that gets the third dimension and the properties of the installation/expanded sculpture/ensemble, moving away and playing with the two-dimensionality of the comic book.

In these works there is a brutal combination of content and form, where the nature of the media (base, material) is conditioned by the very contents of the comic strip, becoming inseparable elements. Part of the mentioned works was individually exhibited within the annual International Salon of Comics in SKC, however, this is the first initiative to introduce these works, mostly created in the last three years, into the gallery context, to research and display to the audience, as a small retrospective. The exhibition will focus on the logic of the comics present from the sketches block, two-dimensional and three-dimensional comics, installation and ensemble to an animated film. The exhibition concept was created according to the initiative and in cooperation with the curator Srđan Tunić.

With the great support of Draško Roganović and the O3ONE Gallery, we present you Wondrous comics!