Mihael Milunović
Opening on July 25th, 2013


The work of Michael Milunović is based on some kind of delay in which he uses the dictionary of the present dictatorship by bringing it down to the cruelest or most sophisticated form. At first, they are represented in a very pure graphism, scenes that are directly related to reality: boxing match, participants in motorcycling races, a woman in underwear in her room, street fight, the scene of the murder… Almost at the same time, all of these performances are pulling down.

Apart from the strong contrast between the white color of the paper and the black color of the ink, every look develops into a multitude of strange and mysterious signs, that are almost abstract. In the murder scene, the victim was stripped of his face, and the head became a kind of hive. The same principle is found in the library scene. The same separation is even more accentuated by a home-made dress and a super-hero costume worn by a female victim. All these characters seem to be absent from their bodies. The specific traits of their character and identity remain unknown to us: in this series of artist’s works the characters have very small faces or they have no face at all.

Rare are artists who, like Mihael Milunović, know that the effect is an unexpected way to create an event in the sea of information. Each of his works succeeds in realizing this paradoxical feat in which, in the same movement, the artist presents us with the signs of our time by mixing them (as we mix different types of music) with elements that introduce some sort of doubt. Where do these heads come from in the form of discs? Why all these elements that violate the narration? Why setting up this scene that looks like a scene of suspicion and guessing? None of this was told to us.