Cities without Tobacco Smoke

January 28th - February 2nd > Opening on January 28th, at 13h


In anticipation of this year’s National No Smoking Day, Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr. Milan Jovanović-Batut” organizes the exhibition “Cities without Tobacco Smoke”, winners of the same competition, which will be opened on Tuesday, January 28th, at 13h, the O3ONE Gallery, Andrićev Venac 12.

Dr. Biljana Kilibarda will be addressed to the media, she is Head of the Office for Smoking Prevention of the Institute for Public Health of Serbia “Dr. Milan Jovanović- Batut”.

At the exhibition “Cities without Tobacco Smoke”, 16 selected works of pupils from secondary art schools will be exhibited. The exhibition will last until February 2nd. On Friday, January 31st, when the National Day without Tobacco Smoke is celebrated, a panel discussion on the topic of Cities without Tobacco Smoke will be organized. “Cities without Tobacco Smoke” 1 is a city that has adopted and enforced laws prohibiting smoking in indoor spaces, workplaces, all closed public spaces, and public transport, with no or with very few exceptions.
Brief info on Smoking Prevention Office

Since the foundation in April 2006, the Office for the Prevention of Smoking is actively working on education and raising awareness of the population against the dangers of tobacco smoke. There are numerous campaigns, seminars, conferences, production, and distribution of promotional, printed material and manuals, as well as multimedia advertising. Thanks to their innovative approach, they have won numerous awards, including the World Health Organization Award for Best Anti-Smoke Campaign.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia provides financial support for the work of the Office for Prevention of Smoking from the budget fund and supports the activities and actions. The Commission for the Prevention of Tobacco Use is responsible for expert opinions, information exchange, and activities and actions, and the Institute of Public Health of Serbia „Dr. Milan Jovanović Batut” provides professional and technical support.