Different attitude

Photo studio "Novi dirižabl" and Marijana Jovanović
December 27th - January 13th, 2014


Photo exhibition “Different attitude” by the “Novi dirižabl“ photo studio and Marijana Jovanović will open on December 27th, at 20h in the O3ONE Gallery with an introduction by Prof. Dr. Jelisaveta Blagojević. The photographs explore pregnancy as a unique phenomenon which is, among other things, construed by our understanding of gender, physicality, giving birth, sexuality, but also life, existence, growth, and development. A panel on these subjects will be held in January 2014, in the O3ONE Gallery.

The photos on display are a representation of a game the authors played with the stereotypical notions about pregnancy, by placing a pregnant woman in a typically male, rough and raw context; they are playing around with the policies of representation of the feminine physicality primarily by choosing to move a pregnant, strikingly performed and transformed woman’s body from a sphere of privacy and protection, placing it into a public, dominantly male context, thus presenting it as active, capable of doing and contributing in a manner different than merely as an overprotected container of a future life. It is, mainly, an attempt to avoid the reduction of a pregnant body to a solely procreative function. Thus, a pregnant woman is purposely stripped from what is, allegedly, natural, bravely stepping into the social area, emphasizing her need for freedom and a different kind of responsibility towards her own body and the child she’s carrying. The authors want to encourage us to embrace our transformation and joyfully take an extra step.

Dragana Đorović and Jovan Marjanov from the “Novi dirižabl“ photo studio graduated from the Department of Photography at the Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade. They have displayed their work at individual and group exhibitions. Marijana Jovanović, a lecturer at the Faculty for media and communication of the Singidunum University is presenting herself to the public for the first time with this art project.