Adristorical Lands

Exhibition of photographs
February 27th - March 7th, 2014

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The exhibition of photographs “Adristorical Lands” focuses on the hidden treasures of countries bordering with Adriatic, providing a fascinating insight into the history, culture, art and old crafts in the Adriatic area. The exhibition at the O3one Gallery will be open to the public from Wednesday, February 26th till Friday, March 7th, 2014 (every working day 12 – 20h). The participating countries are Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Renowned photographers from these countries are asked to photograph the most important places including cities with walls, cultural and historical monuments, birthplace houses of famous artists, etc. Come on a visual trip to see the natural beauties of the eastern and western coast of the Adriatic, to understand and taste the Adriatic way of life.

“Adristorical Lands” is an EU funded project that promotes the cultural values of the Adriatic area, the strengthening of local identities and sustainable tourism based on the attractiveness of historical villages, fortified cities, castles, and cultural sites.

The exhibition will include 60 photographs from all participating countries as well as multimedia works that illustrate cultural cross-border projects among all the countries listed.

The exhibition includes pictures of Norman castles and fortified villages, Dante’s grave in Ravenna, as well as the ethno-eco-village of Hvar. Most valuable sites from Herzegovina are the Old Bridge in Mostar, the Dervish Teke on the Buna Well in Blagaj, Međugorje, Počitelj, Žitomislići monastery, the necropolis of stećci Radimlja and others. Also at the exhibition the home studio of one of the most influential Italian modern painters Osvaldo Licini was presented in Monte Vidon Corrado (Le Marche), the birthplace of the Italian Baroque composer Giuseppe Tartini in Piran (Slovenia), as well as the summer house of the Croatian poet and playwright Hanibal Lucić in Hvar (Croatia).

The exhibition of photographs of Adristorical Lands is organized by the Tourist Association of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton in cooperation with project partners: Region of Molise, Veneto Region, Informest, Veneto Association of Cities with Walls, Ravenna Province, Marche Region, Le Marche Segrete Association, Abruzzo Region, Confesercenti Abruzzo, Province of Bari, Maritime Museum “Sergei Masera” Piran, Regional Development Agency of Split- Dalmatia of Lezha.

For additional information, pictures or for arranging an interview with the organizer or some of the participants, please contact us by e-mail:, or telephone +387 36 355 090.