April 8th, 2014


INVERZIVNA KONSTRUKCIJA an ongoing exhibition of Srboljub Travanov artwork inspired a discussion about counter-culture.

Do we need to counter-culture? Does it exist only through extremists, politically incorrect groups? What is left from our legendary heritage from 70-ties and 80-ties and rock and roll ideals? Has the spontaneity of joining forces to create disappeared? When has resistance stopped being a danger to the system? Has an urban culture child a.k.a. counter culture became endangered by non-urbanites? Is there a connection between counter culture and snobbism? Has democracy chased counter-culture away or is it that the ones who exchanged the leather jacket for suits simply retired?

The panel discussion is imagined as an attempt to get clear answers. Even more: to figure the ways how to keep the informal expression of spirit alive and well.

Following Belgrade legends in art and creativity will take part in the panel: Kosta Bunuševac, multimedia artist, Nela Antonović, MIMART Theatre, Vladimir Palibrk, cartoon editor, Ivan Đorđević Ivek, frontman of the band Kazna za uši, Mihajlo Jovanović, multimedia artist.