Direction of forces

Exhibition curators: Slobodan Trajković and Hedley Roberts
April 10th - 23rd, 2014 > Opening ceremony on April 10th, at 19h


This exhibition is represented by 18 artists and their works originated from the “Art Laboratory” ArToll, Germany. ArToll is a specialized art institution with ateliers, within a psychiatric clinic complex at the periphery of the city of Kleve where Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) lived and worked. He was one of the most charismatic German artists of the 20th century.

The name of the colony “Directional Forces 2014”, is borrowed from the same name of Joseph Boys. This work was presented for the first time at the exhibition: Directions of Energies to a New Society – Richtkräfte, at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London (October 30th – November 24th, 1974). This work is made up of 100 blackboards written in white chalk and as such are documents preserved from his lectures. In addition to the board, the exhibition also featured three easels, walking sticks, and photographs projected on the wall. During the exhibition, Boys conducted a dialogue with the audience on the topic: “Art in Society – Society in Art”. Later on, this same work was presented at the Rene Blok and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Gallery in New York (April-May 1975), then at the 37th Venice Biennial in Venice (July-October 1976) to finish his cycle in forms of installation at the National Gallery in Berlin. The main characteristic of this “art workshop” was its openness and the emphasized possibility of interaction between participants. Everything was happening in the atmosphere of “openness” of the place where the artists stayed and worked, in a doorless building with a constant focus on the question: how the artist thinks and what is the level of articulation of his learning process? Creation in the “privileged space of imaginary freedom” (in the studio) is the solipsism that the artist uses to create a barrier between himself and the audience. In this convention of tradition, in isolation (exile), the artist builds his residence in which he opens a dialogue with “unknown”…

“Directional Forces 2014” project was created and supported within the professional doctoral program in the field of visual arts at the University of East London. It is the oldest program of doctoral studies in Great Britain that is dedicated to the practice of visual artists. Also, it is supported by the Bucks’ new university (UK), Bedfordshire University (UK), Sampoerna Foundation (UK), ArToll Foundation (Germany).

The exhibition presents the works of the following artists: Sarah Buckle (UK), Sian Mooney (UK), Paul Helliwell (UK), Chin Wu (Taiwan), Mark O’ Rourke (UK), Chen-Shih Lu (South Korea), Hayoung Kim (South Korea), Nerys Mathias (UK), Dean Todd (UK), Dimitrios Oikonomou (Greece), Magdelena Papanicolopoulou (Greece), Veronica Shimanovskaya (USA/Russia).
Visiting artists: John Stephens (UK), Slobodan Trajković (Serbia), Gerhard Stephanus de Groot (Holand), Karolin Schwab (Germany), Tracey Moberly (UK), and Hedley Roberts (UK).