May 19th - 25th, 2014

Since 1980 Laibach have worked in parallel both visual art and music. Two years later they had a very first concert in Ljubljana, then Zagreb and Belgrade. Their public appearances were provoking and shocking. Very soon they began to spread their influence out of ex Yugoslavia. In 1984 Laibach started to act within the art-esthetic movement, informal organization Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK), together with a group of painters Irwin, Scipion Teatar Našice, and later with Noordnung, also Studio Novog Kolektivizma and others who were involved depends on NSK needs.

Their rising music career was characterized by:
First European tour – “Occupied Europe tour” (1983-84), first album (1985), the breakthrough on English market – albums “Nova Akropola” (1986), “Opus Dei”(1987), “Let it be”(1988), “Sympathy for the devil”(1989).
Great European, then World tour, has begun.
From 1990-2000 they published a large number of albums and performed in most famous theaters and galleries in the world.

From 1991 when the imaginary state was proclaimed included passports, embassies…the total designed project was created. Laibach was present in almost all media: music, video, movie, performance, pop culture, politics, and arts.

Since its beginning, Graphic Arts have been present with Laibach, especially retro graphics and posters as basic elements. Regarding Visual Arts, symbols from Totalitarian regimes were particularly combined with famous paintings.

On the ruins of ideology is created a special semantics field which is always fresh and up to date.

Lately, graphic arts were repressed, mainly manifested through posters and production design. The last great Laibach Graphic Arts exhibition was held in 2010 at the International Center of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana.

Černe gallery from Ljubljana, the O3ONE Gallery and Fragile are occasionally presenting over twenty graphics and posters, all typical Laibach’s style, recognizable for most of the audience.

This is also annunciation for the concert which is going to be held in the Youth Center, May 23rd.

LAIBACH image 1