Gustav Mahler’s Symphonies in the paintings

Vladimir Vlahović
June 18th - July 2nd, 2014

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In pursuit of general harmony, I try to express artistic means of interweaving the dimensions of space and time, color and sound, painting and music.

The images are created by transposing the emotional charge of a certain musical piece by freely embossing the paint on the canvas, with the effect of the element that creates the elementary being of the images.

Later interventions are based on the reflection of what happened on the canvas come to the picture by itself.

The images are abstract because music is essentially such.

If the symphonic music of Gustav Mahler is recognized in the exhibited pictures than this would mean that the music chords respond as damars.

Vladimir Vlahović

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe lives and works in Belgrade. He worked in the class of Professor Grigory Samoylov and assistant professor Fedja Soretić at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.
He is a member of ULUS since 1995. He exhibited several times independently and participated in many group exhibitions.