Memory transformation

June 4th, 2014


Forwarding and researching the transformation of personal visual code and our interpretation is part of the concept of this “Memory transformation” project. Memory is a term for the past, not for the future. Every contact of matters leaves traces that are transmitted in time and space. Memory keeps images, thoughts and emotional survival. Reading and interpreting these timings from various information carriers reveals the sign-time-memory connection. The project stimulates researchers in the world of sensual perceptions by creating a personal art world. Through art communication, we seek and discover visual transformations of memory. Creating the visual environment includes various forms of art, graphics, painting, objects, video art and other. We, the authors who have gained their art education in Bulgaria, have our specialization and participation in numerous independent and joint art projects. Each of us follows his path of creative development in a contemporary and actual context in a time of dynamic communication.

Valeri Čakalov
Born on 14th December 1957. 1984 he graduates from the National Art Academy in Sofia – specialty graphics. He works in the field of graphics, painting, objects an video art. He realized more than 30 solo exhibitions abroad and in Bulgaria:
Project “REG’ARTS CROISES AU PAYS DE THANN”, Gallery “Mediatheque” – Thann, France;
Galerija “АNEMARI KINTZEL” – Neuburg, Germany;

Houston– USA;

“BAUHAUS” – Dessau, Germany;
Galerija “SUST” – Lucerne, Switzerland;
“VILLE DE LУON”, Centre Berthelot, Lyon, France;
“HOF GALLERIE” – Horb am Neckar, Germany;
“HAUS DER ARCHITEKTUR” – Rostock, Germany and more than 150 participations in national and international exhibitions, graphics biennials and art projects. He is the winner of national and international awards, some of which are:
Painting Award of the Association of Artists of Bulgaria;
graphic award “5th International triennial of graphics” – Sofia;
painting award “An L`internationalite” from 188. Spring salon – Lyon, France;
special award “Cité Des Arts”, Paris, France;
graphic award “Spring salon” – Lyon, France. Valeri Čakalov is a graphics professor at the University of Šumensko “Episkop Konstantin Preslavski”. He lives in Varna.

Stefan Boškov 
He was born on January 18th, 1961 in Panađurište, Bulgaria. 1981 he finishes the art gymnasium in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. A freelance artist who works in various areas of visual arts. He worked in Bulgarian National Television teams, Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, daily newspapers “Literaturni forum” and various archaeological expeditions and publishing houses. He has realized over 20 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Serbia, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, USA, Japan, Poland, Italy, and other countries. He is the winner of national and international awards:
2013 – Golden feather, Belgarde, Serbia 2009 – Sofia City Prize for high achievements in the field of fine arts – Diploma from the 2nd International Exhibition, Minsk, Belarus 2007 – Diploma from 5th International triennial of graphics, Sofia, Bulgaria 2004 – Creative studio “Cité Des Arts” in Paris, France 2001 – Diploma from 11th International Biennial of Graphic Arts, Varna, Bulgaria 2000 – Award in the field of graphics from 6th International Biennial of Miniatures, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia and others. He works and lives in Sofia, Bulgaria.