Brief story about… fear

Ivana Tomanović
August 4th - 10th, 2014


A series of photographs “Brief story about… fear” deals with one of the most powerful feelings, and that is fear. Fear has many shapes and manifestations, and it is characterized by contradiction. On the one hand, fear causes us to survive, it forces us to go further and cross the obstacles. On the other hand, it can paralyze us. Due to fear, we remain frozen, bent, paralyzed in our own lives unable to remove that thin, almost transparent membrane that covers us and all our actions. This membrane is firm and hard to break through, just like a spider’s net entice us into its deadly hank, waiting for a light by certain death.

Unlike the fear that appears in immediate danger, this fear resides in our subconscious level and is our silent companion, mostly for the rest of the life. However, some succeed in transforming a solid and petrified form of fear into a fluid mass that flows like bloodstream through our body but allows us to move freely, to change and develop. Like the water in which we float, fear takes the forms that we give to ourselves.

Ivana Tomanović was born in 1971, Novi Sad. She finished her master photography studies at the Film and TV  School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU, Czech Republic). She works as an assistant professor at the Academy of Arts University, Novi Sad – photo studio program. She also works as a lecturer at the Academy of Arts in Belgarde – photography. Since 2001 she has been working in the magazine for the culture of photography. ReFoto: chief editor 2003 – 2011, associate 2012 – 2013, executive editor 2013 to this day. As the photographer lecturer, she is often the guest at numerous festivals and workshops in the country and the region.

Her photography work is predominantly dedicated to a subjective document and to the thematic research that sometimes implies the installation and application of other ways of creative expression.