In Your Eyes

Srđan Sladaković, Nenad Vilimanović, Mlađan Sladaković
August 18th - 28th, 2014


By definition, street photography represents an art photo taken in an unhealthy environment. The subject is people and everyday life, and the focus is not their identity, as is the case with portraits, but no composition, lines, form, texture, emotions, and atmosphere. Street photography allows you to be impassive and impressionistic. That’s why many photographers record the idea of a black and white photograph as the final result, leaving out the color.

The tone of street photography is almost always positive and cheerful, it celebrates life in its spontaneous beauty. Street photography is not glamorous, it is deeply honest. Every day is not just “every day”. It is a new beginning and a new opportunity for inspiration. It is the mirror of the society in which we live and our place in it. Street photography is the attitude, openness to the surprises and excitements that come to our rescue.

The exhibition “In your eyes” presents exactly the notes of those moments. Three photographers, Srđan Sladaković, Nenad Vilimanović, and Mlađan Sladaković, put together their collections of everyday moments collected across the various world cities into one story. A story about a man and a small, personal enjoyment in life. Like many famous photographers, they pass on to us what attracted their attention and made it be recorded in time.

Srđan Sladaković – born in 1970, Belgrade. He works as a professional photographer for the last 5 years. He is in constant search for some new angle, some new cadre that will enable us to transfer how he sees and experiences the world around him. He lives and works in Abu Dhabi.                                                                                        PORTFOLIO:

Nenad Vilimanović – born in 1972, Zemun. He works as a professional web designer and amateur photographer. He has been a member of the Photo Association of Serbia since 2011 and has participated in several group exhibitions:

– 2010 – “Nevidljivi Grad” – workshop of Đorđe Odanović and group exhibition, Gallery “Art Get” Belgarde
– 2011 – “Fotogram Salon” – international group exhibition, “Fotogram Art Studio” Belgarde
– 2012 – “Rock 2012” – international group exhibition, “Photoclub 202” Zaječar
– 2013 – “Rock 2013” – international group exhibition and salon prize, “Photoclub 202” Zaječar
– 2013 – “Moment 2013” – international group exhibition, “Kozjak” Kumanovo
– 2013 – “Life Balance 2013” – international group exhibition, “Art Balance” Belgarde
His favorite themes are street and urban photography.

Mlađan Sladaković – born in 1974, Belgrade. He is in an everyday search for opposites through portraits of people and situations. He lives and works as a commercial photographer in Dubai.                                                                            PORTFOLIO: