Andrej Vasiljević
August 10th - 17th, 2014 > Opening: Tuesday, August 12th, at 20:00h


Mao Zedong is undoubtedly one of modern China’s most famous faces, symbols and a well-known figure around the world. Virtually no Chinese citizen and very few people elsewhere would have a hard time recognizing him. However, as far as China is concerned, besides history books and popular culture, the face of Mao is ever-present in one’s daily life – every Chinese will see The Chairman at least once a day, and many would have this opportunity dozens and dozens of times. Naturally, we are talking about currency or money. Chinese Yuan, also known as the Renminbi, is decorated with the face of PRC first Chairman on every denomination, from 1 to 100. As such, his famous appearance has surpassed it’s historical heirdom and stepped into a common daily routine as a token of wealth. So, let’s take a closer look at the fact that hundreds of millions have their eyes on day by day. What can we see and how does it reflect on the world of art and aesthetics? “Maoney” is here to explore.

Author: Andrej Vasiljević
Graduated graphic designer, photographer, MA candidate and a lecturer at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, PR China.
Author’s word: Graphic design may still be in two dimensions, and yet, it inspires us to feel with all of our senses. It is not only my profession but also my passion and a guide in life.
Taking objects and sights that surround us, explore, experiment and transform them into pieces of art – that is my mission.
Confucius once said: Everything has its beauty, but not everyone can see it. I am searching for that beauty, and hopefully, so will you.
Life is about little things. So, let us enjoy their presence with the help of graphic art.