Exhibition of works by students from the University of Arts in Belgarde
September 1st - 11th, 2014

Authors: Jovan Nikolić, Radomir Milović, Milan Srećkovič, Kristijan Kokai, Nađa Radmanović, Katarina Jelisavac

As a unique set of young artists, we wanted to show our attitude towards art. We are all students of the University of Art in Belgrade.

We have chosen a very neglected side of life, relations. Relationships are something that moves, changes, and shapes us.

Relationships are the subject of our observation and, at the same time, the reason to present our visual attitudes. Without limitation in materials and techniques, we chose the media, believing that through them we can visualize the complex relationships that keep people together or divide them, bringing pain and satisfaction, fear and enthusiasm, lust and serenity.

We have gathered with a common need to show that the world is build of emotions, communications, instinct, and reason.

We believe that we have managed to present all of this in a very personal and direct way.                                                    The great ambition and desire for art to come alive.

Special thanks to Nebojša Babić, who allowed us to hold the first collective exhibition at the O3one Gallery. The ability to create an art that can leave you breathless is what we live for.