Step towards…

Stevo Mandić
November 25th - December 3rd, 2014


“… a series of drawings created in one breath, you could say by chance. In a conversation with a friend, I described him with a simple metaphor of how I felt. That was it – the seed from which dozens of their works were created with the same “daily” dose of metaphor and suffering… who are we now, is that who we are, how tomorrow, where, why, can we, are we afraid? I would call them – drawing questions with suggestive responses. STEP TOWARDS is the sentence that requests to be completed. Alter Ego is present and active and provokes our “real” self. A struggle that lasts forever, and in which the winner is shifting, or not. Best under the sun!”

Stevo Mandić – born in 1960. In Bačka Topola. Designer, animator, illustrator, painter, sculptor… musician. Over 20 years of work in advertising agencies as the Art Director and cooperation with many world and domestic clients.