Diary of faltal paintings

Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir
December 4th - 17th, 2014


“Dairy of faltal pictures” is a selection of Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir’s works that were created during 2014. It is a special technique of “processing” the paper on which it is drawn (pencil, inkstick, acrylic). The themes are diverse exactly as dictates everyday life in This Here. A special place is the author’s attempt to reconstruct photos from family albums, group and individual portraits of real and fictional characters. These images, undoubtedly, follow the literary work and diary notes posted on the author’s blog – http://www.kazimir.rs/.

Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir (1948) is the author of fifteen books (poems, stories, essays, and novels). His essays and texts are translated into German, English, French (book of stories), Polish, Japanese… The first solo exhibition of works on paper was held in 1992 at the SKC Happy Gallery, and then three exhibitions at the Graphic Collective in 1996, 2001, and 2008.

The connection between painting and literature is a constant thread in the works of Velimir Čurgus Kazimir.