It is necessary to move

Jelena Jelača
December 18th - 31st, 2014 > Opening on December 18th, at 19h

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With the solo exhibition at the O3one Gallery in Belgarde, the painter Jelena Jelača presents to the audience a new cycle of works entitled “It is necessary to move”. In her works, Jelača recreates or constructs lived or hypothetical situations from everyday social life especially nightlife activities, creating a specific documentary image of agility in which faithfully presented ambiance and protagonist achieve striking communication with the observer. With this cycle, Jelača relates to the previous solo exhibition entitled “Diary of the movement” in everyday experience. Some of the presented works accompanied by sound recordings from relevant events and places, further suggesting the relation of the work to reality and lived experience. The multimedia aspect of the exhibition is emphasized by the specific type of performances at the opening in the form of VIS Lemonade, Flesh Community, and DJ Dua Ewox and Tamarinsky, which revives a part of the experience that Jelača documents.