“Puterica” book promotion

Vojislav Bešić
December 11th, 2014 at 19h


His first novel, Gringo (2009), became an absolute hit, while another, Kozinski (2012), also became hit.

Puterica is the collection of short stories and vignettes. Cooperation with editor Pavle Ćosić is continued, so he was again published by Kornet. “Vojislav Bešić devoted himself to his curiosity and versatility, and this collection of stories stretches through all genres of literature, in the end, it would still be the closest fantasy in the first and real fantasy (to invent something) in the second part of the book. Despite the bold use of genres; intertwining their themes and mixing different times, civilizations, so all procedures that are postmodern after all are completely legitimate, Bešić, of course, remains his own and authentic. He puts us in the area of his imagination, just he and the Gringo have let us go into his life.”

From the Vida Crnčević Basara’s review

“Bešić writes with the language of the music sequence – at one time we hear the sounds of free jazz, or rock ‘n’ roll, sometimes he sounds like blues, and sometimes it is an unsuspecting noise of post-punk and techno-generation.”

Nina Živančević