Lost in a Dream

Opening on February 4th, 2015


“Lost in a dream” – photo exhibition describes the 6 years that have been (on several occasions) spent on the island of Indonesia, exploring culture, an active lifestyle of surfers, and adventure lifestyle.

“It’s like we slept for about six years… and always dream one dream…

The dream scenario is always the same… The same island, similar people, known feelings…

But experience and events are always different…

It’s a faraway place. Enough to act as an ideal escape from everything, and then it gets gently under your skin and become a second life and another house. That you love the same as the first one. And then you ask yourself, are you dreaming?”

Through 19 works and a short film, you will witness an incredible experience.

Hiishii photo bio :
Action Sports, Lifestyle and Travel photographers, with experience of a professional snowboarder, active and passionate surfer and world traveler. Owners of a digital agency Hiishii Creative and Photo agency Hiishii photo, they are digital nomads traveling the world, working for brands, companies and themselves creating wonders with digital photography and creative online work.

Katarina and Uroš, are well known for their strong, narrative and dynamic photography, which they create for the last 8 years together. Always working as a team, they love the most the possibility that photography gives them and that is to always be present at the key moment to catch that instant forever. The approach in creating great photography is always the same, with lots of creative energy, technical knowledge, and experience they’ve been building for years.