Kitchen Maids 3

Doru Bosiok
April 28th - May 10th, 2015
Monography presentation on April 28th, at 18h > Opening ceremony on April 28th, at 19h

Reviving things of already forgotten handcrafted craftsmanship, Bosiok increased the challenge, indicated the basic body obsession. Bosiok showed his authentic being, his freedom, his dream, his sex. The women from Turija is right, on the occasion of these kitchen maids she invoked our painter, wizard: My son if they were like this they would never get out of fashion.

Dr. Draško Ređep
(Part of the text “Miris žene i divljeg kestena”
published in the book “S obe strane reke” 2013)

What is the kitchen maid – the kitchen maid is a bond, a format, the idea to write something funny. All his is a completely different story. So they are kitchen maids, it’s undisputed, but a distant reflection. These are those maids, as the sun was in the Old Sivac, which only Redjep described in his literature. That will remain. This story will also remain that Doru Bosiok had this great, strange, and different exhibition of kitchen maids. Even in the title, he avoided the exhibition to be withdrawn as “Kitchen Maids”. Let’s return to what’s important and what Doru has accomplished. This is his drawing, his impulse, his desire, and success in merging drawings and text messages, no matter which language – wheater the sign language or one of our languages, global or local, some aphorism, some verse, some thought, means letters and drawings that merged into one of its combinations… So he chose a kitchen maid, and this is a blend with our tradition.

Pero Zubac
(Part of the text from OKRUGLOG STOLA regarding exhibition “Kurvarice”
in the “Prometej” Gallery in Novi Sad 2008)


1950 – Born in Nikolinci (6. March), from father Gheorghe Bosiok and mather Parascheva Bosiok. He finished elementary school in Vršac and high school in Pančevo 1968.
1969 – He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest (Institut de Arte Plastice ”N. Grigorescu”). During the studies for the first time, he exhibited at Yugoslav Embassy in Bucharest (1971, 1973) and group, at Salon in Cluj 1973 – The first study trip to Italy, he visits Venice, Florence, Rome (1972). Next year he visits London and in the coming years on several occasions Paris, which impresses him most and he is constantly returning.
1973 – He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest at the class of prof. Eugene Pope. In the autumn of the same year – fist job – works as a professor in Vršac High School.
1976 – 1979 – He works at the Novi Sad television, as TV-illustrator. In the same year (1976) a visual-graphic identity  “Lumine”, a magazine for literature, art, and culture in Romanian language and art editing until 1980.
1978 – He became a member of the Artists Association of Applied Arts and Designers of Vojvodina.
1979 – He was elected for the president of the Artists Association of Applied Arts and Designers of Vojvodina. The same year he was employed as a technical and art editor.
1980 – He creates visual-graphic identity “Tribune Tineretului”, list for youth in Romanian language and he edits up until 1981.
1981 – He uses a scholarship “Moša Pijade“ for educational travel to Paris. In the same year, he starts editing “Prva Knjiga” of Matica Srpska. He edited until 1988. He participates in the ICSID Congress, ICOGRADA, IFI “DESIGN ’81“ – Helsinki.
1982 – 1983 – He received the scholarship of the French government, with a stay in Paris. He specialized in the theme  “intermedial graphic structures” – (illustration, comics, caricature, collage, etc.). In Paris he met Dado Đurić who introduced him to Roman Cieslewicz, Rolando Topor, he also visits editor offices ”Le Mond“, ”L’Humanite“, “Hara-Kiri“, and ”Lui“. In Paris, he exhibits at several groups and solo exhibitions at the center gallery  “Albert Chatele”.
1984 – He became a member Journalist Federation of Yugoslavia.
1985 – He was elected president of Artists Association of Applied Arts and Designers of Yugoslavia, until November 1988.
1987 – 1988 – He participated in three annual exhibitions in Japan, JCA ANNUAL 7, JCA ANNUAL 8, and THE SEXY DREAMS (the only artist from Yugoslavia) – publisher JCA Tokio, Japan.
1990 – He returns on Novi Sad Television, initially as a scenographer, and in 1991 as a designer.
1992 – 1994 – As an art director, he cooperates with SM “SAATCHI & SAATCHI/BSB”, “SPECTRA GROUP-OGILVY & MATHER“ agencies and Marketing Centar “MARK – PLAN“ from Pančevo.
1994 – He became a member of the Independent Journalist Association of Serbia and IFJ (International Federation of Journalists).
1995 – After fifteen years, he again edited “Lumina”.
1995 – He goes to the United States with his family and settles in Chicago.
1996 – He returns from the United States and starts editing the multimedia program “VISUAL”, which follows visual art in the country and abroad.
1999 – He works at Design High School “Bogdan Šuput“ in Novi Sad were he lectures – PLAKAT.
2003 – He moves to College of Technical Studies in Novi Sad as a lecturer of Form, style, Marketing, and design
2008 – 2012 – After the accreditation of UNIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES, he takes over GRAPHIC DESIGN AND PLAKAT. He lectures EDITORIAL OF ILLUSTRATION at the specialist studies.
2012 – After the accreditation of new study programs, he starts to lecture subjects at GRAPHIC DESIGN-THEORY OF VISUAL GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION, MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, and PACKAGE ILLUSTRATION.