Time of fables

Anđela Grabež > Project supported by Soft Control
May 12th - 24th, 2015 > Opening on May 12th, at 19h

(Fables are stories were people are acting like animals. Or animals are acting like people. Nevertheless, it is a form in which, in a simple, open and direct way, they communicate the teachings and truths that can’t be narrated. The Balkan mountains, valleys, lakes, seas, and rivers are the ideal scenography for these things)

Is Balkan land of fucking or land of slaughter, or is it, to paraphrase Njegoš, Vuk’s contemporary and one of the greatest poets of this region, that these two notions, somehow, stand well together, that they go side by side.

In that sense, insisting on our individuality is infantile and boring.

Do Eros and Thanatos go together, through the entire history of the human race? In all corners of the planet.

In all tribes (I saw that in Africa), all nations (I saw that in Europe), all people, nationalities, religions and ethnic minorities ( I saw that in Yugoslavia).

The only thing that is here, from this community, is quite possible, a special policy, a way of governing a nation, like Janus (theater god), is born, whose one face is Eros and other Tanatos.

That would probably be a specialty of this region at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century.

New Lafonten, new Krilov, new fable.

One from the West, another one from the East, to whom to bow?

There are countless roles, however much we are in this corrupted area.

Space is like a huge village, with stables, shadows, pigs, muddy hens.

The scent of the scene is like brandy, the vision is blurred, the dicks are limped, the voices are raised. Toothless mouth, thickened and fleshy pussies. They are walking through a muddy courtyard, as one Nobelist from this region says. Noise. Light is natural, nature is natural. Everything seems to be real.

You can see the exhibition catalog here [ o3one.rs/…uploads/2015/05/Vreme-basni.pdf ].