Max Pihlström Triangulations
July 23rd - August 7th > Opening on July 23rd, at 20h

The TRIANGULATIONS project represents the culmination of the artist’s interests in visual arts and his expertise in IT and computer science.

Wanting to set up a computer as a platform for exploring visual domains, the artists came across the question he had imagined: what are recordings in computer graphics? What is digital and mathematical visual representation?

In computer graphics, there are two frames for Max’s sphere of interests: pixel graphics and vector graphics.

The pixel is the smallest segment, the atomic element, which is practically a limitation, but Max sees it philosophically… The pixel has color and locations, formulated in terms of online coordinates.

Vector graphics represent the formalization of the abstract description. Here graphics objects are described in terms of mathematical curves.

Pixel graphics and vector graphics different. But how and how much? Are there alternatives? Some third kind? The obvious and expected way of the generating third kind is hybridization.

How would it look?

Trying to find the answer, the artists explored and finished on triangulation as a visual representation. Triangulation is the segmentation of the area into the mosaic triangles. This segmentation also applies to the pixel network, and in this sense, the triangle is a pixel.

The knots and edges of linking triangles and composing triangulations also move freely, and in this sense triangulation is a more abstract description of vector graphics.

Triangulation is what you end up with if you have free moving pixels.

According to the artist’s words, his technical contribution is to ensure that the triangles move without breaking the triangulation. This algorithm allows him to explore transformations.

That’s how this inspirational exhibition came to you – an interesting combination of imagination, pixels, and vectors, into an artwork.