Marija Milanković
June 4th - 20th, 2015


Marija Maša Milanković announced herself to local audiences a few years ago with series of illustrations titled “Images from Life”. The concept was created as a visual journal of personal impressions, happenings, humorous commentary and observations on everyday life. In her actual exhibition “Inglorious”, hosted by the O3ON Gallery, the author once again dwells in the sphere of everyday life, but this time, she analyzes different aspects and influences of popular and mass culture on our collective contemporary experience. The radically dynamic character of the global media sphere makes it almost impossible to avoid consuming its content in some shape or form, while constant exposure to a relentless stream of visuals, information, new pop cultural phenomena, lifestyle patterns, and fashion trends becomes not only an inevitable reality but a defining factor in shaping our social field. In her new body of works, or more accurately, paintings, Maša Milankovic focuses upon this drastically changing social landscape, the age in which we live, our mass media-manufactured reality, its symptoms and the consequences of its core functions in a vicious circle of offer and demand. In her thematic elaboration, the author, by how to own estimation, does not problematize these issues nor does she approach them from the perspective of a critical examiner. Instead, she considers and illustrates them as a necessity of the moment, revealing how they have impacted her professional and personal life. By taking emblematic content and iconic images from the world of pop music and fashion, decontextualizing them, then combining and joining visual and narrative forms to create new meanings, Marija offers the viewer her personal experiences of the dynamics and processes of the media world interacting and synthesizing with our everyday social space.