Heavenly pastry on the pedestrian crossing

Saša Stojanović
August 20th - September 6th, 2015 > Opening ceremony on August 20th, at 20h

According to the author, his entire work is an answer to the need to “affirm life by rebellion. In that way, we are trying to be humans, who decide to their reality, even if it was at a pedestrian crossing when we stop the flow of traffic, machines, capitalist progress, and when we show on rare occasions that we still exist”.

Saša Stojanović is a visual artist, performer, and activist. His work is based on the affirmation of the politics of love and communication, as well as the critical and reflexing attitude towards life, social reality, and institutions. A significant part of his creation is the performance, realized during the 90s and 2000s, which were part of the context of an engaging alternative. At the O3one exhibition, they will also show the performance photos as the reminder that it is not necessary to give up in search of another world.

Find more about the author at http://www.sasastojanovic.com/.