Braca Nadeždić
May 15th – June 2nd, 2015


Protrahere in Latin (literal translation) – BROUGHT TO LIGHT – it comes from the word which is derived word portrait.

This is a photographer’s intimate story. Intimate, as it wasn’t commissioned job order. There is not a part that was digitally used or processed in the long hours of the photoshoot that was done with immense pleasure. Old fashioned cameras and lenses are used in every photo and the subjects/models/’victims’ are all friends, partners, colleagues, family members and guests that have loads of patience. Nadeždić ventured into the business as a good painter, a portraitist at the time when he invented photography and photo all flocked to study and he slowly painting in his studio or outside.

Three portrait series emerged that are divided on Polaroid 8×10, Harman Direct Positive papers, and prints from 4×5 and 8×10 negatives.

Using this apparatus, the products of photographers and models, respect for the act of shooting, magic emulsions, pending the final result – the truth of the face.

Nowadays with digital cameras and mobile phones one can take quick snaps easily and correct all the flaws with photoshop, however introducing these old techniques in his work, Nadeždić enjoys the new sense of romanticism, challenge of changing times and us onlookers of his distinguished portraits that have come to light.

Goranka Matić, April 2015.