Traces of a secondary road

Marija Pantelić
September 23rd - 26th, 2015 > Opening on September 23rd, at 19h

The dried leaf, as a symbol of transience, revives and receives an eternal form, rich color, and my seal. As a base, the leaf is suitable for unique, rustic creation for decorative purposes. An inexhaustible source of inspiration is an abstract vision of the world, people and phenomena, nature and situations, where we can found ourselves. Through various works, the motives are inspired by love, as well as all those states through which we pass on the path of the true, which is the source of spiritual and intellectual development, creation and truth. From love and closeness to the traces and scars that this journey carries. Life is made up of small things and that’s why miniatures are my choice, in this way they are preserved and accessible for those who look with their hearts because the essence cannot be seen with eyes.